Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gabriel Says Hello!

Gabriel, the Chinese Crested Puff, wanted to say hello, too. He is anxiously waiting for Great Lady to visit because he loves to sit next to her. She pets him a lot and often brings a treat. We three dogs will all be sitting at the door waiting for the door bell to ring. Won't be long now. Of course, they will be stopping in Nashville to see Ashton and help Damien celebrate his birthday, but then they will be coming here to St. Louis. They are planning to stay for a whole week here and even sleep in our guest room. That will be wonderful. My Lady will have to get me all brushed up real well so I will look great for the occasion. Of course, she will get Gabriel and Dragon Hawke brushed, too. Naturally, I am the smallest and most special, I think! Did want Gabriel to say hello though. I will try to write more tomorrow. Love from Kheldar, the Yorkie.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dragon Hawke Says Hi!

Dragon Hawke, the black and white Papillion, wants to say hello again, too. We are doing fine and just terribly busy. My Lady has been working hard, too hard, and hurt her back, but wants the place to be neat and tidy because Great Sir and Great Lady are coming to visit. Oh, what fun we have when they come! Of course, they are stopping to see Ashton and Damien, the great grandsons, first in Nashville, but then they will be here for a week! Whee! That is always exciting. They are even bring some antique furniture that My Lady has always wanted. Since the Greats have moved into a tiny little house, they had to get rid of the beautiful old (150+ years) hand carved bedroom set with dresser, chest, side table, head and foot boards and short rails. My Lady told me people used to be much shorter, so the bed is about six inches shorter than a regular full bed size. I am anxious to see how that works. Well, I will tell you more about it when they bring the stuff. Dragon Hawke thinks he knows all about it, but I will get the scoop from My Lady and fill you in more soon. Love from Kheldar, the Yorkie.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moved and Traveling!


Here I am back and busy as can be. Have you missed me? I am sorry I was not able to get my emanuensis to write all the interesting things that have been going on with me because they were moving. Imagine being too busy moving to write my blog! She is back in business again, however, and not only have they moved, they are coming to visit me in person soon. How exciting that is! I always get special treatment and gifts when they come, and she will be more excited about getting my blog out. I hear they did get the dog book published at along with another book called Crossbreed about a werewolf and vampire who has a huge wolf hound that is special. Boy, I would really like him. My blog address is on the cover of both books though. Now they are busy writing Volume II of Hear What Your Dog Says! which is about other dogs that My Lady had when she was very young. If you like dogs, and who doesn't, you will love these books about dogs. Can you believe that My Lady and her family had eleven dogs all at one time? That was before she had a Yorkie. She did have a couple of other dogs though when she began apartment dwelling, as you probably know, before I came along, but she found they were not enough. She had to have a Yorkie. Four years ago she got me. The Chinese Crested Puff and the Papillion came to live with her before I was born, so they are nice older brothers for me now. Naturally, however, I am the boss! Well, will try to keep up better these days and get back in the groove. More soon. Love from Kheldar the Yorkie.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gabriel Getting Pretty Again!

Gabriel was really trimmed very well to get all the mats off, but now his fur is growing out again, and he looks really wonderful. I wanted to let you know how nice he is doing these days. Been really busy getting the new book finalized. My Lady, Great Lady, and Great Sir have been on the phone talking back and forth for days and redoing the latest book until now it has been sent off again for the final proof copy. As soon as that one gets delivered, a quick perusal and the book will be published! Everyone is very excited. That will book two published. Also, have Volume 2 of two books ready for final work, also, but that will have to wait until Great Sir and Great Lady move. They are really involved packing everything and will have their move scheduled for on or before April 30 so time is flying and they are busy. Won't be able to write as often since they are packing dishes and other things. I am glad I am not there. I don't like moving. Love from Kheldar, the Yorkie.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dragon Hawke Says Hi!

Dragon Hawke, the beautiful black and white Papillion, says hi! I have talked about him a lot, but have not had his photo in the blog, so he wants some time. He sure is a pretty dog, as bigger dogs go, but I am a fairly nice looking small dog, and he watches out for me. I am somewhat spoiled by the two big guys, but I love it. Well, everyone is busy with the final proofing of "Crossbreed," so I have to go check that out. We should get it published very soon. The last proofs are always the toughest and take the longest, but that is almost done now. Hooray! Love from Kheldar, the Yorkie.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thanks to the Fireplace!

It is still very cold outside and the most important place for me, beside the bed, is the fireplace. It is heated by natural gas and it is wonderful! Gentle Sir has not turned on the furnace heat at all because the fireplace is so nice. We thought it would be great at Christmas, but here it is in March, and we are still cold with snow around, too. Therefore, this has become one of the best places to be in the apartment. Ashton loved to sit here when he was visiting, and so do I. Dragon Hawke even likes the tile in front of the fireplace when it is not turned on because he likes to be cooler. He has a lot of thick fur. I like the fireplace when it is working though. Umm. It is so nice! I always think about Ashton sitting there when he visited. I like him and his brother Damien, too. Bet they will come visit again when the snow is gone and it is warm. For now, I will just remember the good times we had while I lie in front of the fireplace. Love from Kheldar, the Yorkie.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still Wearing a Sweater!

Had more snow and still have to wear my sweater! I sure will be glad when spring comes. I hear from Great Lady that it now is in the high 70's in Florida and the weather is lovely. The azaleas are blooming as well as the citrus trees. Her little lemon tree is covered with blossoms! They had more than 50 big lemons on it in January, and it was beautiful. Also, they are very juicy, tasty lemons. She also has a navel orange tree, tangelo, key lime, and grapefruit trees in the yard to say nothing of the pineapple plants. She has big, juicy pineapples, too, if they get back from the lake early enough before the raccoon gets them when they are ripe. I think I might even like it in Florida, but Gentle Sir doesn't care for the heat. We are better here, I guess. Love from Kheldar, the Yorkie.